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Business Law

business law

Business law encompasses the laws that govern how to run a business.  This includes the statutes that allow incorporation of a corporation, organization of a Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) or the implementation of a buy/sell agreement.

It also includes acquiring a business, merging with another company, or selling a business you own. This can also include litigation services such as the collection of amounts owed, resolution of business disputes, and litigation regarding non-compete agreements.

At Lakeside Legal, we can help by providing clear, practical legal advice and representation.  We are dedicated to serving each client’s needs on an individualised basis.  This starts with a personal conference to assess where the business is at and ensure that the ideal entities are formed.

Many new business owners are faced with a bank requesting forms they don’t have.  We form the company if needed, draft the Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation, apply for a federal Employer Identification Number (“EIN”) and can draft a W-9 form for customers and your bank.

Many times, a Wisconsin LLC is the ideal entity for a small business.   We can determine whether you would instead be benefited by a corporation or any form of a limited partnership.  Through the planning, startup, funding, and operation of the business, we can help and provide resources to ensure smooth operation from a legal perspective.

If you own a business already, are taking the first steps towards forming a business, or considering a new venture, let us help guide you through the process — call (920)-921-2300 for a free business consultation.  We will sit down with you at our Fond du Lac location or your facility in Fond du Lac, Winnebago, Dodge, Sheboygan, or Washington County.  At the conference, we will explain any recommended steps and provide proposals for implementing them.

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Full-Service Business Law Firm

When you hire Lakeside Legal, you are not only getting experience in the transactional aspects of your business, but you also have access to veteran trial counsel to handle any litigation needs. Companies in Wisconsin routinely get demand letters from individuals or companies, or a Summons and Complaint are filed in Court.  With years of experience litigating in the Wisconsin Circuit Courts, Federal District Courts, and the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, we can assist in resolving any disputes.

Read more about how we can help a small business with Litigation Here.


We also have years of experience in collecting business debts.  Every company, unfortunately, has times when its customers don’t pay the bills.  Customers often ignore attempts to contact them to arrange payment.  Some businesses retain us to handle the entire collection process, from demand letter to judgment to execution.  Many other companies don’t know what to do once they receive a judgment in Wisconsin Small Claims Court.  In that scenario, we enter an appearance. We can work to collect the judgment via filing for a supplemental examination, filing a wage garnishment, or seizing assets in a bank account.

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Buying or Selling a Business

In addition to our services helping businesses form and succeed, we can help grow businesses via representation in mergers and acquisitions.  We have handled many transactions where one business is purchasing another, oftentimes for millions of dollars.  This begins with a letter of intent.  Writing a good letter of intent is key to structuring the transaction correctly so it can succeed.

From there, we meet with the parties and draft either an asset purchase agreement or stock purchase agreement.  What form to use depends on the needs of the entities, the potential exposure to claims inherent in a stock purchase, and the tax consequences to the individual owners.  We work closely with your accountant throughout the process and can assist with achieving their desired allocation of assets to purchase price and other sensitive tax matters.

On the other side, we regularly represent individuals selling a business they own.  Nothing provides greater fulfillment to us than allowing a business owner to complete a sale and enjoy either well-deserved retirement or exciting new ventures.  We can assist in the purchase of a business, ensure the process goes smoothly, and safeguard your interests via contractual protections, payment guarantees, and non-disclosure agreements.

We’re the best law firm to help your business in Fond du Lac, Oshkosh, Lomira, Waupun or the rest of Fond du Lac, Dodge and Winnebago counties. Meet with a lawyer for a free consultation and we’ll get you started today. 

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