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Insurance Companies, shortly after an accident or claim, will do everything possible to pay out as little as possible.  This sometimes involves deceptive tactics and statements from parties before they are represented and know their rights.  We advise all injured parties to meet with an attorney who represents their best interests before engaging with the insurance companies.  They handle thousands of accidents and have much are much more familiar with the process than those without any training or experience.

Other times insurance companies refuse to cover damages for which they are liable.  They will point to the fine print in their voluminous policies to deny injured parties the benefits to which they are entitled.  When this happens, Atty. Vanderloop and Lakeside Legal have you covered.

Against insurance companies in cases all the way up to the Supreme Court of Wisconsin. Vanderloop has argued successfully to protect the rights of individuals against insurance companies to the Supreme Court of Wisconsin to pay all expenses including the insured’s attorney’s fees.

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We represent people in Fond du Lac, Winnebago, Washington, Dodge and Milwaukee Counties.  With us, you receive care, responsive customer service, and we are available 24/7 to answer your questions and address your issues We are here to assist if you’re currently facing a personal injury problem.

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We’re the best insurance law firm to establish coverage for you in Fond du Lac, Oshkosh, Lomira, Waupun or the rest of Fond du Lac, Dodge and Winnebago counties. Meet with a lawyer and we’ll get you results quickly.


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