In 2020 a lot of people and businesses underwent tough financial situations which made it difficult to manage their debts. COVID-19 has taken a toll on the financial status of many businesses and a large number of people. Many have to face critical legal and financial problems immediately, which is why we are reaching out to help with our bankruptcy services.

Attorney Vanderloop has been working in the bankruptcy courts since 2007. Our bankruptcy practice can legally stop financial problems and obtain a fresh start. Our firm has the experience to deal with all areas of bankruptcy law, which includes debtor filings under Chapters 7, 12, or 13 of the Bankruptcy Code.

Bankruptcy is defined as a legal way of providing relief to businesses and individuals with too much debt. It hits the pause button on a financial picture, addresses assets from that point, and then allows a positive financial future. It is important to note how the COVID-19 lockdown affected you or your business to determine what stage you are to file for bankruptcy.
The earlier you reach out to an attorney the better. If there is time for planning this can yield a better result after discharge. Waiting until a crisis happens

A bankruptcy filing can provide immediate relief from debt collection. After filing for bankruptcy, the courts, with few exceptions, allow your existing creditors no further claim on your assets going forward. This helps to deal with bill collectors, seizure the property, and wage garnishment. This can buy time enough time to help make decisions for your business and family.

In response to the pandemic bankruptcy courts made their rules more flexible. This allows bankruptcy lawyers to represent their clients during the CO-VID 19. Many hearings are held by audio visual means. Courts are also accepting electronic filings. So, if you are in isolation due to COVID-19, then don’t worry our bankruptcy lawyers will help you get out of your debts.

If may you want to file for bankruptcy, then make sure to get in contact with our bankruptcy paralegals and attorneys to get their advice before filing for bankruptcy. Documents can be exchanged by e-mail and via a zoom conference if you prefer. If you are worried that you won’t be able to file for bankruptcy during the pandemic, then rest assured, it is still possible to do so and often necessary to deal with the financial impact of the crisis.

To discuss your debt collection case, please reach out to us at (920)-921-2300, through our live chat feature, or with our contact us form below.[/column]

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