An Easy Step by Step Guide by a Business Lawyer for applying for a Small Business Payroll Protection Loan – Includes the Application We wrote last Friday about the Payroll Protection Program (The “PPP”).  Using this program, you can get a deferred payment loan that can be fully forgiven if you maintain your payroll.  The…

WHAT SMALL BUSINESSES NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CORONAVIRUS PAID SICK LEAVE, $20,000 WISCONSIN GRANTS, FAMILY MEDICAL LEAVE ACT EXPANSION AND SELF EMPLOYMENT BENEFITS As a business attorney I’m staying on top of the impacts of COVID-19 or Coronavirus legislation on my business clients.   I wrote up five legal tips Sunday.   Today I have four big…

5 FREE LEGAL TIPS FROM A BUSINESS ATTORNEY TO HELP YOUR COMPANY SURVIVE, AVOID A LAWSUIT, AND GET THE GOVERNMENT HELP IT NEEDS As a business attorney practicing for the last 12 years, I’ve advised clients though recession, natural disaster, and a slew of nasty situations.  Since Thursday, my phone has been ringing off the…

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